Andrew Boston on First Epistles, Nazis, and Zinc!

Your poem in Lungfull! is called “Third Epistle.” Is there a first or second epistle?
There were a first and second epistle. Those people no longer exist in the same way for me.
Is your poetry usually inspired by real-life events? 
I used to allow myself an anecdotal indulgence in my poems. But I think it is much more interesting to write without personal inflections or affects. I am trying to find the space beyond the lyrical and the confessional where there are only emanations.
How do you go about editing your poems? How do you know when to stop?
I usually don’t revise my poems. I try to end on a slightly different register than the rest of the poem, but I am beginning to question whether I need to do that. I used to think short stories needed a punchline. I guess poems too.
How did you start writing poetry? Life-long passion or newfound interest?
I started my junior year of college. I was adrift and panicking and I saw the film “Swimming to Cambodia” and started writing poems about beating up Nazis. Slowly, I got better.
Are you excited to be hosting the Zinc reading series?! Do you have any new ideas for it? Are you planning on making any changes?
I’m very honored and eager to host the Zinc series. I look forward to bringing in poets who are at the beginnings of their careers. I would like for the series to be the first outing for some people. I hope to also do readings in the summertime, which there aren’t enough of in New York City.

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